Stock and Blemished Products

We would love to say that we never make mistakes but you know how accurate that would be. Sometimes we have blemished items and sometimes we have stock barrels that have nothing wrong with them. Sometimes we have a lot, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes, you’d be hard-pressed to find the reason for the blemish and sometimes it will be obvious. But, no matter what, we need to move these and they will be priced very attractively.

Please take a look at this list. We do make an attempt to say what is wrong but, if you are not sure, please call us toll-free at 1-866-793-0376 and we will be happy to assist as best we can. As you can guess, all sales are first-come-first-served and all sales are final. We will not reserve any stock or blemished items unless they are attached to an order for other items that must be manufactured so that all items can ship together to reduce freight costs.

We do make every effort to keep the list current but we recommend that you call us to confirm a particular item’s availability.

NOTE: The prices listed on our Stock/Blemished Sheet DO NOT have freight included. Please allow us to quote the freight costs on your blemished order.


SPECIAL/GREAT DEAL -- We have a surplus (9) of Dark Grey Ninos. Each Nino includes a valve and screen. Buy one for $125 or 2 for $199. These normally sell for $229.


Click here to view our Stock and Blem List (PDF).