Exterior Shapes - why it’s important

How well your rain catcher stands up under adverse weather conditions depends on the shape of your rain barrel.

Cylindrical with vertical parallel sides

This is the design utilized on four of our series (Agua Fria, Cubo, Villa & Peso). Expanding ice MUST be dealt with or it will rupture your rain catcher, no matter what it's made of.

Vertical parallel sides offer less resistance to expanding ice than constricting shapes. Plus, this shape allows very high hoop strength for the quantity of resin used. This is the reason that all large tanks are round.

Rectangular with tapered sides

This is the shape utilized on our Nino Series. While not as structurally strong as the cylindrical shape, some people prefer this shape for aesthetic reasons. Because expanding ice pushing against vertical walls creates large forces in the corners of any shape (that has corners), we taper our walls outward to dramatically reduce this stress. Tapering the walls outward also creates two additional benefits:


  • Removable tops allow the bottoms to be stacked and shipped like "Dixie Cups", thereby reducing your freight costs.
  • Because we do not need the entire surface area of the top to capture your rain water, we can use the extra space on top to create a planter. And to top that off, the optional 6" deep removable planter tray makes this rain catcher even more valuable.

Barrel Shape

This is one of the most recognized and attractive shapes in the world. It is also quite possibly, the worst shape to use for a rain catcher in freezing weather. Once the barrel is half full, the expanding ice will have nowhere to go. For this reason alone, caution should be used before you spend your money. We currently offer no barrel shapes.



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