We take a slightly different view of planters. Nonconformist some might say. Certainly nontraditional to the traditional nursery hound.

Most (traditional) nurseries and big-box hardware stores are loaded with (almost) every size and shape of planter you can imagine. That is, as long as you want a planter that is proportionately very similar to the others. And the color selection? Well, let’s just say that it is………….uninspiring.

I can hear it now. Can I get it in another color? No. Can I get it a little higher? No way. Can it be buried a little? Are you kidding? Ok, how about having the top edge sculpted to resemble a flower? Are you nuts? Make them the same shape and color with (8) different heights? Security!!! (Silly Rabbit! You thought they were there to help!)

In our line of work, we have a large selection of various sized molds that we can create as planters in any of our standard 36 colors. We’ve got lots of shapes: Cylinders, Cubes, Balls, Boxes of all sizes, Hemispheres, Tire shapes, etc. Pretty nontraditional, huh?

Yes, they are made of a recyclable polyethylene. Yes, they will last a very, very long time. Yes, we can mold one to match your Aunt Gertie’s blue hair but you will have to order early.

Look, you nonconformist, you know how to get people’s attention. Some of you are wacky enough that the circus won’t take you (we kinda like that!). Others like to play the subtlety game and strategically place unusual items around the house to create an evening of never-ending conversation. We don’t want to tell you what to do; we just want to help you do it.

Here’s what’s going on. We have more of these than we have the patience to list. We’re going to list some of them to whet (there’s a word you don’t use often) your appetite. If you want to pursue something that will keep the neighbors talking, give us a call.


Solid Color Chart
Speckled Color Chart
Premimum Resin, Stone Effects Color Chart


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Prices INCLUDE freight (continental US only).




Rectangular Planters,


Sizes available: 12"x12"x12"high and 12"x12"x24"high,





Cylindrical Planters


Sizes available: 7" dia x 28" high; 10" dia x 31" high; and 12" dia x 34" high





Flower Ball Planter with Base


Sizes available: 17" dia; 25" dia; and 31" dia







26" dia, Circular Hanging Planter