Quality Control

To ensure your order is manufactured accurately, we employ "Build Sheets" to assist us in quality control.

Build sheets are paper representations of your order. They are absolutely necessary for Tijeras Rain Barrels to completely understand what you want. Every Series we manufacture has its own Build Sheet. They serve many purposes. First and foremost, they protect you, our final customer, by eliminating any doubt regarding what you want.

As your rain barrel is being constructed, the Build Sheet is secured to the barrel wall and travels with it to visually explain to our employees how to build your specific requirements. After construction, a Quality Control person will use it to inspect your barrel to insure you receive what you ordered. Your rain barrel is delivered with the Build Sheet still attached.


Our Distributors understand and use these Build Sheets extensively. Either they or us will be happy to assist you in completing it when you are ready to place your order.



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