Random Thoughts


Height is hose pressure.

A taller rain barrel will always have more hose pressure than a shorter one unless you spend extra money to elevate the shorter one. If you want to invest in an elevated base, why not use your money to buy the taller barrel that will increase your water pressure and capacity.


Let us install your valves and overflow wherever you want them.

It's no extra charge and it will make your rain barrel much easier to live with. If you have something unique to your site, let's talk. We can alter the number of overflows, the valve styles, and barrel colors.


We do not screw our high-quality brass valves directly into the barrel wall.

Because the hole cannot be easily fixed if you ever over-tighten the valve, we only use welded (not glued) fittings with integral standard pipe threads to locate valves. They allow repair to the threads.


Our resins are 100% Food Grade. This is very important in an emergency. Think about this.


Our resins are completely recyclable


The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives. American Indian Saying