Water Quality

There are 4 qualities of water, 3 of which are recommended for recycling. Naturally, water quality is dependent on the cleanliness of the rainwater to begin with. That's why Tijeras Rain Barrels come in multiple styles with screened tops to help filter rainwater and remove debris.

Potable - with proper treatment, potable water can be used for drinking. Tijeras Rain Barrels are manufactured of guaranteed 100% food grade virgin resin and are designed with special tops to reduce contamination from muck such as leaves, bird droppings and dead animals.

Non Potable - the most popular use for stored rainwater, non-potable water can be used for watering lawns and gardens, washing cars or even flushing toilets. Some communities even offer rebates to residents who make use of rainwater for these purposes.

Grey Water - untreated household waste water from bath tubs, showers, wash basins, washing machines and laundry tubs, stored grey water should not be used in vegetable gardens on root crops or edible parts of food crops that touch the soil, but it may be used on fruit trees.

Black Water - wastewater from toilets, kitchen sinks, dishwashers and laundry water from the washing of materials soiled with human waste (diapers), black water should not be re-used due to the high risk of contamination by bacteria and viruses


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