Tijeras Rain Barrels takes great care in the manufacturing process to insure our products are extremely durable. However, improper handling and installation can still create a damaged product, which would void all warranties. The following general guidelines are meant to support, not replace, any specific instructions that may accompany your product.

  1. Inspect your tank immediately upon delivery. Any defects, shipping damage, or product problems should be noted on the packing slip as well as the carrier’s bill of lading.
  2. When unloading or handling your tank, avoid contact with sharp objects. Also do not roll your tank over on the fittings. Keep unloading area free of rocks, sharp objects, projectiles, and other materials that can potentially damage the product.
  3. Support the bottom of the tank firmly and completely. While a concrete pad provides the absolute best base, tanks with a base load of less than 800 pounds PER SQUARE FOOT can be used with a firm, level and compacted bed of sand, pea gravel or fine soil that is protected from washing away.
  4. Install tanks in areas that are easily accessible. Ease of maintenance and removal are considerations.
  5. Plastic welded fittings are durable and leak free but they are not designed to support excess weight. All piping should be independently supported.
  6. Do not mount heavy equipment on the walls of your tank.
  7. All tanks are designed to operate in an atmospheric environment only. Do not subject tanks to pressure or vacuum situations.
  8. Immersion heaters should never come in contact with the walls of your tank. Minimum spacing should be three to four inches from the wall.
  9. Do not subject any tank to strong chemicals until proper chemical compatibility has been established. Please contact us to verify, if in doubt.
  10. Protect tanks from impact, especially below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.