Modern Design
Quality Construction.
Quality & safety matter above all else.

We design and manufacture each barrel to the highest standards. Quality products come from quality materials and years of experience.

Design Which
Puts Safety First
Heavily secured removable tops help keep curious children and critters from venturing into your barrel. Removable tops and screens are mechanically fastened to the main body and comply with all regulations for the city of Santa Fe. We offer exceptional safety in our balance between both large straining area and animal / child resistance.
On our most popular rain barrels, the Agua Fria Series, the top is securely held to the main barrel body by (4) sets of embedded Aluminum threaded inserts, Stainless Steel set screws, and Phenolic/Brass 3-arm knobs.
Built to Handle
Heavy Rainfall
Tijeras Rain Barrels are professional grade rain barrels and built to handle heavy rainfall. 1” of rain on 1000 square feet of roof equals 620 gallons. Some of our competitors use a common garden hose for an overflow. There is no way a garden hose, or even three hoses, can handle the water from a common downspout in a heavy rain. If the excess water is not properly eliminated, it will overwhelm the inlet.

All of our overflows terminate in an oversized U.S. Standard 1-1/2″ female pipe thread. This professional grade outlet is able to handle the pressure from even the heaviest downpour.

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Tijeras Rain Barrels manufactures all of our barrels in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a city that averages less than 9 inches of rain per year. We have been manufacturing high-quality rain barrels since 2000 and we are now the #1 rain barrel manufacturer in the entire southwest.

100% Food Grade

Our resins are 100% Food-Grade rated, which can be very important in an emergency. Each of our barrels are completely recyclable. Like you, we care about the environment.

Welded Fittings
for Lifetime Use

We do not screw our high-quality brass valves directly into the barrel wall to ensure a lifetime of use. We only use welded (not glued) fittings with integral standard pipe threads to locate valves because they allow repair to the threads if over-tightening ever happens.


Built to be Tough

Professional grade materials and construction have made us the leader in rain barrels in the Southwest.