Choosing Your Rain Barrel

Collecting Life's Most
Precious Resource

Which Rain Barrel should I choose?

Choose Your
Barrel’s Top
Both the Aqua Fria and Cubo Rain Barrels allow you to choose from one of three available removable tops. Choose from our Basket Top, Pie Shaped Flat Top, or Polka Dot Flat Top – each designed to allow a heavy flow of water while keeping debris and animals out.

Our economically priced Villa line is less expensive and comes in a non-removable top.

Naturally Soft
Water All Year
Depending on where you live, your choice of rain barrel can depend on the range of temperatures experienced.
< 32°

Freezing Temperatures

The Agua Fria, our flagship model, offers a heavy-duty wall for insulation against freezing temperatures. Consider draining the Cubo and Villa during freezing temperatures.

33° - 50°

Cold Temperatures

The Aqua Fria and Cubo rain barrels allow for warm and cold weather climates. Consider draining the Villa during cold months.

> 50°

Warm Temperature

All three of our rain barrel models handle warm weather climates.

The Right
Size for You
If you are not sure what size is right for you, start small. We have rain barrels molded from food-grade resin starting at 50 gallons. As you mature in rain water harvesting, we can keep pace with you up to 360 gallons. No matter your needs, we’ve got something for you.

Our Rain Barrels

When you're ready to purchase your high-quality rain barrel, we've got one for you. Browse through our online catalog to choose your top, size, and color.