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Lay Flat Hose Kit

It is inevitable that the barrel is going to overflow, why not be prepared ahead of time to handle the excess water. The Lay Flat Hose Kit can be attached to any Tijeras Rain Barrel’s overflow. The overflows can be found at the top of the barrel, or down at the base of the barrel. This location depends on the style of rain barrel you have. The Lay Flat Hose Kit is supplied in a 20-foot section of flexible lay flat hose, an 1-1/2” elbow, adapter and hose clamp.

PVC Linking Kit


Why not double, triple or even quadruple your water storage capacity!  The PVC Linking Kit can be used on the overflows of your Tijeras Rain Barrel, down at the bottom or up at the top.  All Tijeras Rain Barrels can be connected to one another.  The PVC Linking Kit is supplied with 2 feet of flexible PVC pipe and two PVC elbows.